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Winchester model 12 Magazine Tube Weight
Our Price: $15.95

Model 12 4.5 ounce Magazine Tube Weight

This product puts 4.5 ounces of weight at the muzzle end of
the magazine tube and reduces muzzle rise and increases
potential for faster follow up shots. This weight is made of lead
and is poly clad to prevent chaffing.

Dillion 650 shell plate bearing system
Our Price: $11.95

Ever notice the spilled powder accumulating on top of the shell plate of your Dillon 650 reloader?The spilled powder occurs when the shell plate rotates and "clicks" in to the locked position during its cycle.This bearing system greatly reduces that shell plate jump.  The bearing system also increases the consistency of the bullet seating depth which allows for greater accuracy of your loaded cartridge overall length, and improves the smoothness of the press operation!
Magazine Storage Pouch
Our Price: $12.95

This nylon/velcro magazine pouch is very well made. It holds 12 single stack magazines or 6 double stack mags. The protective velcro flap protects the magazines from dust and debris.  These are available in large quantity in blue, and limited quantities in black, grey, and green.  We will honor your color choice if possible, but we may not be able to fill your magazine storage pouch order....unless you will accept BLUE!!
Pink Shooters Bag
Our Price: $29.95

The quality and function of this product is exceptional. The an outside magazine storage pocket  holds 14 single stack or 7 double stack magazines has a protective velcro flap.  Additionally there are two zippered pockets on the other side which easily hold a holster and magazine pouches or speed loaders.  The center zippered pouch is designed to hold your handgun safely between the heavy padding.  Pink only at this time.