Bullets and More

Quality products for competitive shooters

The ownership of BULLETS AND MORE is comprised of 2 shooting couples. Between the 4 of us we have over 110 years of shooting and reloading experience. We have shot hundreds of thousand of rounds over those years. We have competed in USPSA, IDPA, PPC, ACTION PISTOL, COWBOY ACTION SHOOTING, WILD BUNCH ACTION SHOOTING, POLICE OLYMPIC ACTION PISTOL and RIFLE EVENTS, and even trap and skeet.

Some of us have been and still are firearms/CCW instructors in both the law enforcement and civilian markets. Some of us are gunsmiths, all of us are heavily involved in the reloading of ammunition.

We have a great deal of knowledge and experience in shooting sports and ammunition reloading. It just seems natural for us to find a business that allows us to pursue our passion for recreational and competitive shooting and develop a venue from which to share our experience.

SASS Kicker and Cody James, both multi time National
and World Champions shoot Bullets and More products exclusively!

Pecos Nick relies on Bullets and More coated bullets for every match.....another
multi time National and World Champion!